Hey you! I’M skye, THE healthchild BEHIND “skyezee fashionfit.”

When it comes to my brand, I frequently get asked how “Skyezee FashionFit” became a reality. To be honest,  the whole concept has taken time, years basically. It’s become my baby and as I’ve gone through life, the brand has evolved with me. We’ve had up’s and down’s and gone through a metamorphosis together. Like a butterfly and caterpillar do. A few years back, I was about nineteen, I decided to change my entire lifestyle by getting fit, eating healthy and looking stylish. I got what I wanted and worked day in and day out to be the best version of myself. I set out to do crazy things like venture to Kenya to live there for six months, lose tons of weight to sell fitness programs and cut out essential food groups. 

I was extremely passionate about wellness, looking and feeling your best and experiencing life. I have an undying need to help others heal too. Sometimes my passion got so extreme, that it worked to my own detriment.  We must be careful not to underestimate the importance of balance and mental health in an effort to achieve our goals. I started inspiring others and building a following.

However, along the way I began making unhealthy comparisons, setting unrealistic goals, working to the bone, messing up my relationship with food and developing an exercise addiction. I even experienced burn out from working and doing too much at once. I lost my period and was finally diagnosed with Anorexia and Depression.

That’s when I asked, “what’s is wrong with me??” I set out on a quest to fix myself once and for all…

The hardest part is learning to be patient with your journey and understanding that healing takes time. 

“Sometimes you have to take two steps back, to take ten forward.” 

Nipsey Hussle

My mission is to show you how to get up, get it done and rock true health

You are going to need lots of grit and determination. 

But true health is easily achieved by changing a few key aspects of your life, like your diet, your workout routine, your habits and your overall outlook on life. While helping you achieve a fit body and a healthy diet is a MASSIVE deal, my work goes far beyond that – that’s just the peanut butter on top. I literally want to help you get your zest for life back – and that’s what we’ll definitely do.

It’s a mind, body and soul sorta journey.  

Why is this important to me?

I now realise how unique we all are. One approach may not work for another. It took me a long time to realise this, which is why I got completely swept away by unrealistic fitness and health garbage. We all have different pasts, current issues, and goals for the future, so no one plan is going to fit everyone. I love spending time getting to know WHO YOU ARE by doing personalized consultations and one-on-one coaching plans with clients.

Better yet, I enjoy receiving emails and calls weeks/months later saying how clients whole lives have been changed and they’re a whole new person than before. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my own personal history, mistakes, first-timers and education can help change someone else’s life. Just sitting here on my little patio every day encouraging you and giving you the right, individualised, customised plan for YOU gives me so much joy. Seeing your life change inspires me to keep on working and reaching more and more girls, saving them from years and years of frustration and self-critique.


things i love to do:

  • Walk, Swim and Run on the Beach
  • Laugh, because it's the best kind of medicine
  • Dance
  • Eat Peanut Butter and Oatmeal
  • Yoga, Jump Rope and Martial Arts
  • Drink Coffee and Tea
  • Meet New People
  • Eat Frozen Banana
  • Walks with my Boyfriend
  • Buy Anything Healthy, Holistic and Self-Care Focused

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What have you been getting up to during quarantine? It's DAY 1 and we decided to turn our little garden into a family workout circuit space. Very minimal equipment required. 😁 But shoo wee, it was tough! Got a sweat going just 10 minutes in. 😅🔥 It's more enjoyable to workout when you get the family involved. #getitdone
HIIT Total Body Cardio and Resistance Workout.
We covered some basic strength and conditioning exercises. 3 circuits and 4 exercises. Complete each exercise for 60 seconds and rest for 15 seconds. Complete both circuits 3 times.

Circuit #1🔥
Dumbell squat to press
Kettlebell single leg deadlift
Spider Pushups
Mountain Climbers

Circuit #2🔥
Dumbell squat with a dumbell front raise
Dumbell renegade row
Dumbell reverse lunge to bicep curl
Benefits: You can do this from home. Use dumbells or anything heavy in your house like water bottles or tin cans. Burns body fat, builds strength and is quick and efficient! And fun… 😅😂

If there was just one thing I could tell you about living the life of your dreams, knowing that if you understood it, it would be "enough", I would ask you to realize that you already are. 💜 – @thesecret365 Mike Dooley.
I won't lie, lock down has me feeling very anxious and I did lose some sleep over it last night. It's tough for small businesses and new investments to survive in this time. But I also believe we've been blessed with an incredible opportunity to support each other, pursue our passions, grow and finally live a little. 🌱
Don't be discouraged or filled with self doubt by circumstances we cannot control. You're enough. All will be fine. 💜

YOU SIMPLY HAVE TO CHANGE your worldview. 🌟
-Your opinions and beliefs – in order to change your experience.
Tricky? Maybe.
Worth the effort? Depends. 💯
How badly do you want greater peace of mind, more friends and laughter, health, and comfort, and enough abundance to never have to ask, "How much?" 🙏 – Mike Dooley, as featured in the @thesecret365

Oh. Hey. I'm back. @skyezee_fashionfit_ 💜😘😇

I love breakfast, especially after my morning run! Also, fruits and berries make it sweet and nutritious. 😊😁☕🏃
I was so inspired by @the_good_gut_guru and her polenta/oat breakfast dish, that I got an instant craving for polenta in the mornings. When made with some love, polenta is delicious, creamy and satisfying and gives you a little break from oats. 🌞
I prefer to eat sweeter foods in the mornings and keep the savoury for later in the day.
Recipe : 50g Polenta. 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder. 1 tsp Cinnamon. 1 tbsp Superfood Greens. 1 cup water. Simmer on stove top. 2 tbsps Peanut Butter and warm water to make a sauce. 1 Banana. Handful Frozen Raspberries. Handful Blueberries. Sprinkle of Pumpkin seeds. 🍌😍

Starting the morning off on a better note. A green smoothie. 💚😁🍵 Sometimes life can get pretty stressful and it's especially stressful when you're undergoing big lifestyle changes. I know I've neglected mine and need to sort that shit out. 😅
When this happens, it's easy to fall off the bandwagon a little and sometimes forget to follow a healthy routine. Not on purpose, but just because you're distracted.🌸🌸 My solution is to focus on finding a new routine that the new you can adapt to. Start by slowly introducing new, healthier habits everyday for the next 2 weeks.
Green smoothie to start the morning: 2 Bananas, 1 cup of water, 1.5 cups baby spinach, 2 tablespoons plain yogurt. Blend it all up and enjoy first thing. I see this as a wake me up morning snack to get going. 🌞🌞

I don't even know where to begin. All I know is that 2020 will be a powerful, good year. 🌸🌻
Last year was the most challenging year I've encountered and I was pushed to all kinds of levels mentally, physically and emotionally. Uprooted my life, lived in two countries, let down by other people's promises, had a painful cornea eye operation done, struggled with an eating disorder, and had to wave my business and lifestyle dream goodbye.💜
Although these challenges have been tough to soak in and the year has been a lot about sacrifice, patience and acceptance.🙏🌸
I've learned so much. Discovered magnificent hidden gems. I am learning to be more patient and cautious in my decisions and I am excited about my new Skyezeefashionfit Image & Health business launch this year. I am also the proud owner of the @bt_rivonia Bodytec Rivonia Studio. More importantly that you have to look within first before you can be the best without. 😀
It's okay to fail. It's okay to take time out. It's okay to not always be okay and it's okay to trust the process. 💜 Be strong, gritty and take care. 🙏🌸 That's what true SUCCESS is. 🌻 #fridaygrattitude

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