Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This

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Girls, You Can Kick Anxiety’s Ass Today By Doing This Girls, the core reason behind your Anxiety is the fear of the future. The unknown. I write this knowing exactly how scary that thought of it can get, because you’re uncertain about what’s going to happen. I’ve seen it first hand and felt waves of […]

Food Q & A: What Does Skyezee FashionFit Eat In A Day?

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Food. Something that we all spend a relatively big portion of our lives mulling over. During my time as a transformation coach, I have had quite a few people asking me questions regarding food. So, I decided to write this blog post to help you all out. Most of you want to know what I […]

Wearing The Right Activewear Makes Exercise A Lot Easier

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Wearing the right activewear makes a great deal of difference to your workout and the way you feel. Letting you in on a secret here, but, you don’t even have to work out that much to wear it either! Have you seen workout clothes flooding your social media feeds? There’s a new one almost every […]

Corner Café On Buckingham Is The Top Romantic Spot

Corner Cafe ranks first place to hang out, especially after a long day at work. It’s ironic writing this since a while back I would never have chosen a romantic little bistro to be my ‘go-to,’ joint. However, as you grow you start to crave a taste for the more ‘mature’ setting. Its scenic location surrounded […]

NEW ACTIVEWEAR LABEL LAUNCH || You Can Never Have Enough Gymwear

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As an avid fashion lover, I enjoy looking for unusual activewear because I hate having to wear the same style of apparel every time I head to the gym. It gets a little bit mundane. If there’s a pair of tights with a bright, bold print on it and a tank top with an unusual […]