Living your longest, happiest and healthiest lifestyle, healing the relationship with yourself, food and learning how to truly take care of your body & mind, holistically, is my speciality. To those who have been misled by diet fads, false marketing, fitness images and unrealistic beauty standards, I’m here to help!

I’m a qualified Fashion Journalist, Stylist and Trends Forecaster. I am a Health and Fitness Writer for wellness magazine. Longevity.  I am a Yoga Teacher in training, experienced in Fitness Coaching, Movement and Pescatarian Nutrition. I also own a Bodytec studio in Rivonia and help others achieve their goals daily. I’m knowledgeable about mindfulness and coping mechanisms. An adventure seeking girl like me, has experienced a lot at a young age and know what it’s like to feel ‘stuck,’  I’ve helped many clients not just get their image sorted out, but also get their life and feelings mentally and emotionally back on track!

I want to help you too. 

Hey you! I’M skye, THE healthchild BEHIND “skyezee fashionfit.”

When it comes to my brand, I frequently get asked how “Skyezee FashionFit” became a reality. To be honest,  the whole concept has taken time, years basically. It’s become my baby and as I’ve gone through life, the brand has evolved with me. We’ve had up’s and down’s and gone through a metamorphosis together. Like a butterfly and caterpillar do. A few years back, I was about nineteen, I decided to change my entire lifestyle by getting fit, eating healthy and looking stylish. I got what I wanted and worked day in and day out to be the best version of myself. I set out to do crazy things like venture to Kenya to live there for six months, lose tons of weight to sell fitness programs and cut out essential food groups. 

I was extremely passionate about wellness, looking and feeling your best and experiencing life. I have an undying need to help others heal too. Sometimes my passion got so extreme, that it worked to my own detriment.  We must be careful not to underestimate the importance of balance and mental health in an effort to achieve our goals. I started inspiring others and building a following.

However, along the way I began making unhealthy comparisons, setting unrealistic goals, working to the bone, messing up my relationship with food and developing an exercise addiction. I even experienced burn out from working and doing too much at once. I lost my period and was finally diagnosed with an Eating Disorder and Depression.

That’s when I asked, “what’s is wrong with me??” I set out on a quest to fix myself once and for all…

The hardest part is to admit your problem and then to surrender to the recovery process and take time away to heal. 

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